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Everyone loves spa day. Learn how to get the very best.

Essential Oils for Health

Learn about essential oils, how to use them, and why you want to, with Katy Hartness and Dr. Heather Wilde.You have always had choices about your health, but in our current times it is more important than ever to be educated and empowered about those choices.Essential oils are an easy and effective way to optimize your mind, body and spirit. Join Dr. Heather Wilde and Katy Hartness as they discuss… Read More »Essential Oils for Health

strip mall nail salon

Strip Mall Nail Salon Mani-Pedi Survival

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As awesome as strip mall nail salons are at giving a mani-pedi, I do not recommend getting waxed, nor lashes done at that sort of place. Believe me. From experience. I had to soak my head upside down in hot water for an hour and then pull most of all my own lashes out so I didn’t look like Snookie.  If you like to get inexpensive mani-pedis. . . confessions… Read More »Strip Mall Nail Salon Mani-Pedi Survival