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Are you ready for the ultimate in clean, luxurious skin care? Beautycounter is a company committed to clean, responsible cosmetics. There’s no nasty, cancer causing chemicals in these products, they aren’t tested on animals, and the packaging is largely from renewable materials whenever possible. I splurged and got myself a slew of different products when the Environmental Working Group gave their seal of approval. Eventually, my entire wardrobe will be… Read More »BeautyCounter

strip mall nail salon

Strip Mall Nail Salon Mani-Pedi Survival

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As awesome as strip mall nail salons are at giving a mani-pedi, I do not recommend getting waxed, nor lashes done at that sort of place. Believe me. From experience. I had to soak my head upside down in hot water for an hour and then pull most of all my own lashes out so I didn’t look like Snookie.  If you like to get inexpensive mani-pedis. . . confessions… Read More »Strip Mall Nail Salon Mani-Pedi Survival

Be a Bad Ass Butterfly

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Do you want to be a butterfly?  I believe we are born to experience transformation and growth during our lives here on Earth. Transformation, however, can be agonizing – especially for butterflies. Here are some tips for how to: Know what it is you really want out of life right now. (PS – it is OK if this changes) Love yourself. – Go ahead. It’s ok to do it.  Let… Read More »Be a Bad Ass Butterfly