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Post Cards

After my grandmother died, we found every post card I had ever sent her from all around the world. Send the people you love mail.

Anti-Aging Beauty

Beauty is much more than a filter and contouring makeup. For it to last, you need some tricks up your sleeve. Here are mine.


The trip of a lifetime doesn't have to put you into debt. You CAN afford to travel and adventure beyond the confines of a cruise ship.


I strike a pose wherever I can to keep my mind and body supple and in tune with the magic of the universe. Plus, it's fun and makes me laugh.

Spa - NMD

When you are paying as much as a car payment for a service at a high end spa, you want to know you are getting a quality experience. While skills can vary greatly with providers, it is my mission and purpose to travel the world and find the best spas available with the healthiest, most effective products.  You are welcome.

Learn more about chemicals in personal care products here, and why this is an important factor in health.

Make your life an adventure. . . and a work of art.

Explore the Earth

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Dr. Wilde-Style


Respect for Nature

Get outside, sleep under the stars and get close to nature.


Commit to health

Beauty is bone deep. You need to be healthy and happy to have real beauty. Committing to health means decreasing inflammation, toxicity and stress.


Commit to Happiness

The closer you are to nature, the healthier you will be. Commit to never looking, feeling, or acting your age. Be timeless, and connect with your joy.


Write Your Memoirs

The human mind forgets so easily. Write down your experiences, cut and paste pictures and tickets and remember your adventures. They feed the soul.

World Traveler

I pamper myself, eat beautiful food, cultivate deep relationships, and look good doing it.
All for fun, posterity and education about natural health.
Nerdie Foodie

Upcoming Trips

Here's our bucket list and where we plan to go next.

Travel with Kids

Teach them to appreciate adventure and nature.

Join Me

Wanna come on an adventure and make your heart sing?


To preserve the Dr. Wilde lifestyle - nature and health.

The Wilde Life

See the world through Dr. Wilde's eyes and learn how to live "Wilde".

Want some Wilde Wisdom?

Follow Dr. Wilde's stream of consciousness blog where she shares innovative philosophical insights about all sorts of shit- travel, food, parenting, clothes, medicine etc.

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Wanna come with?

You never come back from an adventure with the same heart or eyes.

Dr. Wilde leads intimate,  educational adventures to her favorite spots a couple times a year. Not only will you visit some of the most breathtaking places on Earth, but you will learn about how to create health with nature, and nourish your mind, body and spirit along the way. This is a truly transformative experience, and the community dynamic is the real treasure. If you want to be considered to travel on the Wilde side, follow us on social media, connect, cultivate relationship and let’s see what we can learn from one another along the way.

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